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Are kids allowed at appointments?

I allow children and partners but try to limit your group to three people including yourself unless you are all scheduled to have your makeup done

Is there  deposit due upon booking?

Yes, there is a non-refundable deposit due upon booking of $15. However, some services require some consultation and will not ask a deposit of you. 

Are house calls allowed?

Yes! I do travel up to 30 miles (with additional fees). Contact me for more information at 

I've never worn makeup before . . . will I break out or have a reaction?

No worries! I understand the concern and would be happy to schedule a consultation to make you feel more comfortable about what's going to be put on your face. Also, all of my tools and products are sanitized so there should be no issues. 


As for reactions, please disclose if you are allergic to anything (i.e nuts, aloe, etc.) as some of these ingredients could be used in some makeup formulas. 

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